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Defining and Measuring Poverty
KEY: Advantages, Disadvantages


The lack of the minimum requirements for survival
An individual is in absolute poverty if they don't have the income to afford the basic necessities ­
food, warmth and shelter. By this definition there are very few individuals in the UK in…

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Calculated that 22.9% of the population were suffering from relative poverty
Takes into account people's expectations and the subjective quality of their lives
Gives more realistic picture of the relative deprivation that is caused by inequalities in society
Piachaud 1987 argued that Townsend's deprivation index is too subjective and culturally…

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Townsend amended his definition of poverty to argue that poverty turned into social exclusion
when it denied people full membership of society
This also coincided with the European Commission rejecting the idea that poverty in any
meaningful financial sense continued to exist
The Commission saw a wide range of extreme…


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