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Decorative Items…read more

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Definition... It means sewing a small piece
of fabric onto a bigger piece. You can
experiment by cutting different shapes &
colours & it is usually attached using a
sewing machine. Preferably a zig zag stitch
Definition... This means to get a fabric &
turn it into a different colour. It can be
experimented with tie dying where the
fabric is twisted & tied. White patches of
colour are left on the fabric
Dyeing…read more

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Definition... Hot wax is applied to
fabric when it is dyed, the wax resists
the dye preventing it from reaching
those specific area leaving a pattern
Definition... Uses thread onto a
piece of fabric to create a shape
or design. It can be done by a
sewing machine or by hand
Embroidery…read more

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Weft knitted
Definition... It's made by looping together lengths of wool. It
can be made by hand or by a machine. The yarn runs
through the fabric. If a stitch is dropped it runs through the
fabric. The fabric is soft & comfy & is used for socks & t shirts…read more

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How to make a fringe top...
v=k4RzeM6B5Aw…read more

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Things to look out for if you want to buy a quality made
Check if it has...
.Shoulder pads to give structure to the garment
. Interfacing to stiffen up the fabric
. Pockets to put items in
. Hem to prevent fraying at the bottom
. French seam stitch inside the garment to prevent fraying
. Darts so it fits well on the body…read more

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