Decision 1 Algorithms & Definitions

A short guide I created for Decision 1. It includes all algorithms and definitons relevant to the Edexcel spec.

Definitons haven't came up on a paper for a while. That's either a sign that they're overdue or simply not being focussed on.

Nevertheless, they're there. The sections on the algorithms assume you're comfortable with the terminology used in Decision 1.

A lot of the algorithms in D1 simply need practice. Matchings will eventually become second-nature. Route inspection will get easier. Practice, practice, practice!

Good luck everyone!

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D1 Definitions

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A graph G consists of vertices connected by arcs.…read more

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A subgraph of G consists of vertices of G connected by arcs which belong to G.…read more

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Weighted graph
A weighted graph has values assigned to its arcs.…read more

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The number of arcs indecent to a vertex.…read more

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A finite sequence of edges such that the end vertex of one edge is
the start vertex of the next. No vertex should appear more than once.…read more

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A closed path.…read more

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Connected graph
A graph is connected when all vertices are connected.…read more

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A digraph is where direction is assigned to arcs.…read more

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A connected graph with no cycles.…read more


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