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02/03/2013 E. Singh

Debussy (1862-1918): Prelude à L'apres-midi d'un faune (1894)

A type of orchestral music called a tone poem ­ work where the music evokes the poem by Stéphane Mellarmé. Fluidity and
harmonies mainly help to convey the poem's story

Orchestration - full orchestra Melody - more a sense…

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02/03/2013 E. Singh

B93 Horn 1 is instructed to play a
note bouché (stopped) to create a
particular tone colour.
Horns are also muted (sourdines)

Texture Tonality ­ a hazy concept! Rhythm and metre
Various types of melody dominated Keys are present but not defined Aurally it is difficult in…

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02/03/2013 E. Singh

31-36 Transition T. based on opening flute
37-54 A2 theme
Oboe theme
55-78 B - Theme 3 times: b55 w/wind,
b63 upper strings, b76 solo
79-93 A - Recap of A1 only
94-100 Coda -

Romantic style

Late Romantic style with some features of 20th Century…


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