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Dative covalent/ Coordinate Bonds…read more

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What are They?
·A dative covalent bond is formed when both shared electrons are provided by
only one atom.
·They are usually formed when a molecule has a lone pair, this lone pair would
join with an atom that is need of a pair of electrons.
·They are physically and chemically identical to covalent bonds.
Lone pair
This can be represented by:
X: Y…read more

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NH3(g) + HCl(g) NH4+Cl(s)
N : + H^+
( : N : H
H2O(l)+HCl(g) H3O(aq)+Cl(aq)
H : O : + H^+
( H : O : H
Carbon monoxide has Aluminium
one dative bond and two Cl Chloride dimer,
Cl Al : Cl Al2Cl6
C O Cl : Al Cl
Cl…read more


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