Current issues in sports classwork

BTEC National diploma in sports, west herts college

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Tuesday 6th September 2011
Current issues in sports
List key dates in the development of sport
Differentiate between `then and now'
Recognise pre industrial sport and mob games
What characteristics of sports were demonstrated? (Old Olympics)
Lifetime of fame
Celebration of success
Stadium opening events
How has it changed?
Shown across the world and countries take part world wide
Make sure that the competitions are fair e.g. goal video cameras/ photography for a more accurate
look if a goal were scored and drug testing the athletes.
Makes sure that the country wins the bid and that the correct amount of the tax payers money is put
towards it.
Become famous in their sport and then when they retire they become coaches, commentators, ect
Rules in sports today have changed from health and safety to media coverage to make it more
People can now travel to countries far away to watch a sports event and there always use to be
people watching sports in stadiums or arenas

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Pre industrial sports
This was when Britain moved from a predominately agricultural base, during the 18th century and 19th
centuries. In the industrial revolution many new industries occurred such as coal, domestic, ship
building, metal works, textiles, ect.
Aristocrats wealthy, upper class
Peasants poor, working class
Peasant games such as mob football were played in the streets and as many people were illiterate the
games had very few rules and hundreds of people played the game.…read more

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