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Tahmina Sultana…read more

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What is it?
·According to cultural deprivation theorists, many
working class families fail to socialise their children
· These children grow up culturally deprived, they lack
the cultural equipment needed to do well at school and so
they under achieve.
·There are 3 main aspects to cultural deprivation:
Intellectual development
Attitude and values…read more

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Intellectual development
· Refers to the development of thinking and reasoning skills such as ability to
solve problems and use ideas and concepts.
· Cultural development theorists argues that working class homes lack books
educational toys and activities that would stimulate the child's intellectual
· J.W.B Douglas found that working class pupils scored on tests of ability
than middle class pupils. He argues this is because working class parent are
less likely to support their children's intellectual activities at home.
· Bernstien and Young found that the way mothers think about choose toys
has influence on their children's intellectual development. Middle class more
likely to chose toys that encourage thinking and reasoning skills and prepare
their kids for school.…read more

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Beretier and Engelmann claim that language used in lower class
homes is deficient. They describe lower class families as
communicating gestures or disjointed phrases.
As a result the children fail to develop the necessary language
skills. they grow up incapable and unable to take advantage of the
opportunities that the school offers.
Bernstien distinguishes between the two types of speech:
· The Restricted Code- speech code is used by working class,
limited vocab unfinished sentences ­ gestures used, grammatically
· The Elaborative Code- used my middle class more complex
sentences, speech is more varied and communicates abstract ideas.…read more

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These differences in speech code give middle class children an
advantage at school and put working class children a disadvantage. This
is because the elaborated code is used by teachers textbooks and
Early socialisation in elaborated code means that middle class
children are already fluent users of the code when they start school.
Bernstein argues that the school ­ and not jus the home influences
the children's achievement .
He argues that working class pupils fail not because they are culturally
deprived but because schools fail to teach them how to use the
elaborated code.…read more

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Cultural deprivation theorists argue that parents attitudes and values
are a key factor affecting educational achievement.
· Douglas found that working class parents placed value on
education and were less ambitious for their children, gave them less
encouragement and took less interest in their education.
·They visited schools less often and were likely to discuss their
children's progress with teachers. As a result children had less
·Feinstein argues that middle class children are more successful
because their parents provide them with necessary motivation ,
discipline and support.…read more

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