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Crown Prosecution Service…read more

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Responsible for prosecuting people in
England and Wales who have been
charged with a criminal offence.
It was created by the Prosecution of
Offences Act 1985.…read more

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The head of the Crown Prosecution
Service is the Director of Public
Prosecutions (DPP).
The Director is responsible to the
Attorney General (a government
minister) who is responsible to
Parliament for the CPS.…read more

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Key duties
advising the police on cases for
possible prosecution
determine the charge in all but minor
preparing cases for court
the presentation of cases at court
appointing private barristers and
solicitors to present cases at court.…read more

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Brief History
Individual police forces had the
responsibility of prosecuting most crimes
until the creation of the CPS.
The 1962 Report of the Royal Commission
on the Police recommended that all police
forces should have their own prosecuting
solicitors' departments. Not all police
forces acted on this recommendation.…read more

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The Philips Report 1981:
­ The police should not investigate offences and
decide whether to prosecute
­ The different police forces around the country
used different standards to decide whether to
­ The police were allowing too many weak cases
to come to court, which was leading to a high
percentage of judge-directed acquittals.…read more

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