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Denman Report and Recent Developments
o Sylvia Denman's Report (in May 2000) into race discrimination
in the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) found that although
some of the most glaring deficiencies in its approach to race
equality have recently been remedied, race discrimination and
institutional racism have operated to the disadvantage of
Black and Asian staff within the CPS. The report says that it
is essential to identify the barriers to ethnic minority
recruitment and progression resulting from the CPS practices.
o The reorganisation of the CPS has not been fully used to
integrate current work on race equality, whose initiatives tend
to be rushed and reactive. There must be careful examination
of the respective roles of equality structures within the CPS,
and a review of 11 internal management and professional
o The Director of Public Prosecutions stated: "I am determined
that equality and diversity will be woven in to the fabric and
ethos of the CPS so that we become a truly diverse
organisation". The recent establishment of the Equality
Committee and Diversity Unit proceeded with drive and
purpose- this is a positive development which should signal a
greater prominence being given to equal opportunities within
the CPS.
o New IT systems have been introduced-Connect 42
implemented new desktop systems that provide access to legal
reference material and effectively "joins" all the CPS areas.
Integris installed a virtual training programme for the CPS
staff which includes an EU support service. This increases
ease of communication between CPS areas, but the equipment
and training costs are high.
o A programme of "Direct Communication" with the victims has
been introduced, which means that where the CPS discontinue
a case or change the charge, a letter must be sent to the
victim with an explanation, inviting the family to a meeting to
address the reason.

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