Barristers - Work

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  • Barristers - Work
    • Direct Access
      • since 2004
      • civil cases
      • clients can approach barrister rather than solicitor
      • not criminal, immigration, or family law
    • Cab Rank Rule
      • must take case if free and in field of expertise
      • not applicable if through direct access
      • e.g. CPS
    • usually work from directions from solicitors
    • controlled by the General Council of the Bar
    • some employed by CPS
    • Specialism
      • Tax Law
      • Company Law
      • rarely appear in court
    • rights of audience in all courts
    • Queen's Council
      • at least 10 years as barrister or solicitor with advocacy qualifications
      • known as "taking silk"
      • Allows them to take more complicated + high profile cases than junior barristers
        • often have junior barrister to assist with case
      • can demand for higher fees due to field of expertise
      • appointment more open now
        • interview by panel and recommended to Lord Chancellor
    • Advice
      • Counsel's opinion


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