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The Cosmological Argument…read more

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Science can offer us explanations of things that
are within the universe, but does the universe
as a whole have an explanation?…read more

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Cosmological (arguments)
arguments for the existence of God,
based on the fact of the world's
existence…read more

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Which in simple English means...
arguments which say that God has to
exist because the world exists.
The world couldn't exist without God
because he created it…read more

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Premise of the Argument
A posteriori
The universe has not always been in
existence and for it to come into being an
eternal Prime Mover is necessary. The
universe needs an explanation and it can't
be explained without reference to causes
outside of itself, the existence of a first
cause is necessary! Cause and effect
God, necessary being!…read more

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Key Proponents (proposing or
advocating a theory)
Aristotle thought movement and change
meant there must be an `Unmoved Mover'
that lets the world change to move
towards the perfection of this being.
Aquinas' first three ways: motion, causality
and contingency. Infinite regress is
impossible and the existence of everything
must be traced back to a first cause.
Leibniz and `sufficient reason'.…read more

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