Cosmological argument

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Cosmological argument


  • It is aposteriori and an inductive argument- it dervives from experience
  • It is a base and simple argument- the simmplest explanation tends to be the right one. God is the simplest explanation and therefore most likely
  • The Big Bang theory hasn't been fully explained yet
  • Most scientists agree that the universe had a beginning of some description


  • God of gaps theory- we have gaps in our knowledge whichwe fill with God.
  • Aquinas contridicts himself- if everything in the universe must have a cause, what is God's cause?
  • Why does God have to be the exception to the rule of cause and effect? Why can't the universe itself be the acception?
  • Science disproves the cosmoloical argument


These are the main strengths and weaknesses of the Cosmological argument. I have not included any quotes. It is up to you which arguments are stronger and weaker.


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