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Moonisah Mirza

Physics core science
1. What is thermal radiation? Thermal radiation is energy transfer by electromagnetic
2. What emits thermal radiation? All objects emit thermal radiation, the hotter the
object the more thermal radiation it emits.
3. What objects are good emitters and absorbers of thermal radiation? Good…

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Moonisah Mirza

17. How do you calculate the cost of electricity? Total cost = number of KW hours x
cost per KW hour.
18. What do you measure power of a device in? Watts or kilowatts.
19. How do we transfer electricity around the country? Through the national grid, the…

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Moonisah Mirza

34. Do they all have the same wavelength? No, the energy they transfer depends on the
wavelength of the waves; this is why waves of different wavelengths have different
35. What are the uses of different EM radiation? Gamma rays- treatment of cancer
tumours, sterilisation of medical…

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Moonisah Mirza

45. What is an isotope? An isotope is an atom with a different number of neutrons and
but the same number of protons.
46. What is a half-life? A half life is the time it takes for half the nuclei in a sample to
47. What is…


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