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Copyright, designs and patents act
and the electronic communications
AS ICT, chapter 7, OCR…read more

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Copyright, designs and patents act
Makes it illegal to steal or create unauthorised copies of
software including CD's books and music
The law can be broken by:
· Using software without a proper licence: if you have a
licence to use a word processor on one computer but
install it on 5 then you are breaking the law
· Software piracy: producing multiple copies of games
software and selling them
· Illegally downloading material from the internet:
downloading pm3 files from illegal sites to avoid
paying for them…read more

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Copyright, designs and patents act
Software licences
· Single user licence: for use on one computer at a time.
Can be installed on more than one PC, as long as the
software isn't being used at the same time on both
· Multi user licence: used when software is needed on
several different machines. Licences specify how
many users can use the software at once- limits the
number of active users rather than the number of
software copies installed
· Network licence: allows company to share software
with users over the same network…read more

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Copyright, designs and patents act
· Site licence: lets a company have unlimited number of
users of software within a particular location…read more

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Electronic communications act
2 main parts:
· Cryptography service providers: companies or
individuals providing services such as data encryption
or digital signature creation have to be part of an
approved register
· Facilitation of electric commerce and data storage:
digital signatures are now acceptible in legal
documents and covered how they'd be used…read more

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Electronic communications act
· Contracts signed online are now as legally binding as
hand signed documents, which increases security of e-
commerce as contracts are now legally binding
· Complete acceptance of digital signatures will take
time. It still isn't fully accepted when making wills or
buying a house
· Security risk- digital signatures are easy to hijack- a
government ministers digital signature was hijacked
just 24 hours after it was first created.…read more


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