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Contract Law
AS Law AQA…read more

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Offer & Invitation To Treat
Offer = An intimation by words or conduct of
a willingness to enter into a legally binding
contract, specifying the terms of the binding
agreement which will be formed should the
offer be accepted by the party to whom it is
addressed.…read more

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Offer & Invitation To Treat
Invitation to treat = Is an action inviting other
parties to make an offer to form a contract
An invitation to treat distinguishable form an
offer as there is no intention to be bound.
Offer is LEGALLY BINDING…read more

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Articles displayed for sale
Fisher v Bell (1961) demonstrates that items
displayed in a shop are invitations to treat even
with a price tag. In this case the shop keeper
displayed flick knives with a price in his shop
window. It held that this was not an offer. The
display was an invitation to treat. A customer
who went into the shop and asked to buy the
knife would be making an offer. The shop
keeper could either accept or reject the offer.…read more

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Pharmaceutical Society of GB v
Boots Chemist (1953)
In this case it was decided that drugs on
shelves in a chemists shop were not an offer
to sell those drugs. It was only inviting
customers to make an offer to buy. It is an
invitation to treat not an offer. This distinction
is important as it means that the offer is
made by the customer at the checkout and
can be accepted or refused by the cashier.…read more

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Magazines Adverts
Adverts offering items for sale are usually
invitations to treat.
Partridge v Crittenden (1968) where an
advert to sell wild birds was printed in a
magazine. It was held that this was not an
offer but only an invitation to treat. This
avoids any problem that could arise if
demand exceeded supply.…read more

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