Explain the development of the Common Law (14)

Before 1066, England and Wales were constantly being invanded. The Danes, Angles, Saxons and Vikings invaded different parts of the country. This led to a confused situation in terms of law. Different parts of the country had different laws or customs. In other words, the country was a 'patchwork quilt' of different laws. For example, there were different laws about inheritance depending on where you lived. 

The punishment for offences were random and brutal. Major crimes, such as murder and ****, were dealt with by the accused could fights the accuser which took place at a county fair. There were no police. Criminal trials were through ordeals of 'judgements by god'.

In 1066 a the Battle of Hastings, William of Normandy won the land by 'right of battle'. He set up government in London and he had a book made (called the Doomsday book) that listed all the property in the land. This was the beginnning of a nation which was governed from one place. William I set up the 'King's Council' which had legislative, executive and judicial functions. 

In 1154, Henry II came to the throne. He began to build upon…


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