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Contact Force…read more

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Gravity at Rest
The force of gravity acts on
all objects all the time.
If an object is at rest, the law
of inertia says that the net F = -Fgrav = mg
force is zero.
There must be a force
opposite to gravity that Fgrav = -mg
cancels it out.…read more

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Normal Force
The force that opposes
gravity for objects on the
ground is called the normal
FN = mg
Fsb = -Fbs = mg
It is perpendicular (normal)
to the plane of the ground.
The force is a result of the
law of reaction.…read more

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Normal Force and Weight
The normal force pushing up
against gravity can be measured.
We measure weight with a scale
that measures normal force.
Weight is a force, not a mass.
Pounds measure weight, so
force (not mass) can be
measured in pounds.…read more

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Forces on a Slope
Draw the forces acting on
the block.
· The force of gravity points
down with magnitude
· The normal force FN points
away from the surface of the
inclined plane.
· An applied force Fapp holds
the block in place.…read more

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Net Force
The block stays in place on
the plane.
· No net force along the
m · No net force away from the
Find the components of
gravity in those directions.
Find the unknown forces
The diagram is the same
for constant velocity!…read more

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Well presented PPT beautifully illustrated, showing examples of forces applied to a variety of situations  a limited explanation is given.

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