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Some short revision notes on each M2 chapter

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Mechanics 2 Key Notes (Exam Date: Friday 27th January 20110 AM)
1. Kinematics
2. Centre of Mass
Uniform sector
Uniform arc
3. Work, Energy & Power
Kinetic Energy KE = 0.5mv2
Potential Energy PE =mgh
Work done = Force x Distance (in the case if lifting, height, h)
(Inclines forces = component of force in direction of motion x distance)
Also = 0.5mv2 ­ 0.5mu2 (Change in kinetic energy)
"When no external forces do work on a particle during its motion, the sum of
the particle's kinetic and potential energies remain constant"
"The change in the total energy of a particle is equal to the work done on
the particle"
Power ­ rate of doing work
Power (watt or J/s) = Force x Velocity

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Impulse: I = mv ­ mu
Conservation of momentum: m1u1 + m2u2 = m1v1 + m2v2
Newton's Law of Restitution: 0 < e < 1
Loss of KE due to impact:
(0.5m1u12 + 0.5m2u22) ­ (0.5m1v12 + 0.5m2v22)
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