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Conservation in situ
By Sumeya & Kenishka…read more

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Keyword Definition:
in situ means conserving a species in its normal environment.
Conservation in situ helps to minimise human impact on species and the
natural environment. There are a number of ways of conservation in situ.…read more

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A country can ban human impact which can destroy the natural environment. This
legislation is specific to a particular country.
This legislation can be difficult to enforce if the government is not in favour of it and
it is difficult to persuade some countries that legislation is necessary. The type of
activities banned includes:…read more

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Conservation Parks:
It is often possible to stop un acceptable activities by establishing
conservation parks such as national parks and nature reserves. These are
not the only sites of in situ conservation, land management agreements on
private land and farm sites can also be used.
Principles for choosing a reserve or a park must include:
· Comprehensiveness- how many species are represent in the area and
what are the prevailing environment environmental conditions?
· Adequacy- is the area large enough to provide for the long term survival of
all the species, populations and communities represented?
· Representativeness- is there a full range of diversity within each species
and set of environmental conditions?…read more

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Advantages of designating an area
· Plants and animals permanently conserved in natural environment
· Permanently protects biodiversity and representative example of ecosystems
· protects significant elements of natural and cultural heritage
· allows management of areas
· scientific research
· Possible to restore ecological integrity of area
· Provides opportunities for ecologically sustainable land uses - traditional
outdoor heritage activities…read more

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Benefits of Conservation in situ…read more

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