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In Situ

Pros :

  • No special provisons required - well adapted.
  • Both species and habitat are conserved - chance of population recovery far greater. 

Cons ;

  • Difficult to control - vast areas to guard - difficult to control poachers, predators and climate change.
  • Species not accepted by other members of the species already present.
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Ex Situ


  • Enviroment controlled 

        - Predation anf hunting can be monitored and managed easily.                                                                   - Health monitored, treat diseases etc.                                                                                                 - Manipulate breeding ( hormones, artificial insemination, artificial selection)                                               - reintroduce species that have migrated to other areas.                                                                           - Study rare species at close range.


  • Only a small number can be catered for.
  • Difficult and expensive.
  • Less successful  then In Situ - stressful for species.
  • Species cannot adapt when introducced to natural environment.

To help increase success of Ex Situ:

  • Choose individuals from different areas - increases gene pool.
  • Choose unrelated individuals - less risk of inbreeding. 
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