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(Arial, 18 pt., All Caps, Bold, Underline, Black Text)

ASSIGNMENT: (Aharoni, 18 pt., All Caps, Bold, Blue Text)

his assignment is aimed at practicing formatting documents as written in the DOP 5
and DOP 6 sections of my Computer Applications text book, which my parents…

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extremely conservative. (Charlemagne Std, 12 pt., Normal, left indent peach text,
page break)

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FOOD: (FrankRuehl, 16 pt., Bold, Italics, Underline, Neon Green Text)

The food in Kamphaeng Phet is typical Thai style and ThaiChinese
foods. It is more salty than in other parts of Thailand, as the people
Kamphaeng Phet seem to prefer very salty foods. Muslim halal style
foods can be found…


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