Computer Applications Assignment 2

This is the document that my STEM 1 & 2 students must change according to the handout.

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(Arial, 18 pt., All Caps, Bold, Underline, Black Text)
ASSIGNMENT: (Aharoni, 18 pt., All Caps, Bold, Blue Text)
his assignment is aimed at practicing formatting documents as written in the DOP 5
and DOP 6 sections of my Computer Applications text book, which my parents paid for
when I was registered to be a student in the STEM program at Kamphaeng Phet
Pittiyakahm School. Our school is a good school located just outside of the Historical
Park in Kamphaeng Phet city, and it was once the site of the royal wives quarters.
(Times New Roman, 12 pt., Normal, Green Text)
KAMPHAENG PHET CITY: (Bernard MT Condensed, 14 pt, All Caps, Normal, Orange
Kamphaeng Phet city is an ancient city located along side the Ping river in the North of
Thailand. It is famous for the ancient temple and fortification ruins which date back to
more than seven hundred years ago. The fortifications were built in order to keep out
Burmese invaders who wanted to expand their kingdom into the Sukothai error
kingdom. (Algerian, 11 pt., Normal, JustifiED, Pink Text)
FESTIVALS: (Arial Rounded MT Bold, 12 pt., All Caps, Underlined, Bold, Black)
Every year, during the month of October, people celebrate the banana festival,
which is an important event for the community. During the banana festival, many
vendors set up kiosks to sale food, plants, toys, etc. Also, many entertainment venues
are set up to entertain the locals with live music, dancing and lots of food. (Cordia New
(Body CS), 12 pt., Firstline Indent, Italics, Lavender text)
POINTS OF INTEREST: (Bodoni MT Black, 10 pt., All Caps, Underlined, Italics, Bold,
Gray Text)
In Kamphaeng Phet, one can visit, the many ancient temple ruins and see the amazing
Buddha images, which have remained standing for centuries. There are many
natural attractions as well, such as beautiful mountains, scenic waterfalls and lush
tropical jungles. There is even a natural hot spring nearby.
(Brush Script MT, 16 pt., Normal, Hanging Indent, Aqua Text)
PEOPLE: (Cooper Std Black, 12 pt., Purple Text)
The people of kamphaeng phet are a mixture of thai, Burmese and Chinese, with
chinese being The main influence. They are a friendly, kind people and unlike
other parts of Thailand, they all seem to be financially well off. They are also

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FOOD: (FrankRuehl, 16 pt., Bold, Italics, Underline, Neon Green Text)
The food in Kamphaeng Phet is typical Thai style and ThaiChinese
foods. It is more salty than in other parts of Thailand, as the people
Kamphaeng Phet seem to prefer very salty foods. Muslim halal style
foods can be found as well, but it is not as common.
(FangSong, 12 Pt., Italics, Right Indent, Forest Green Text)
FLONA AND FLORA: (Hobo Std, 12 pt.…read more


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