Complete Overview of Elizabethan History

Very detailed notes - got me an A* so well worth a look at.

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Elizabeth revision
What did Elizabeth want her portraits to show?
Legitimacy and purity ­ shown by Tudor roses, sceptre and the orb, sword of justice and the
crown. Purity by white face and normally clothes, often with pearls, white roses and fur.
Strength and power - shown using symbols like pillars and hand on globe and standing on
Wealth ­ shown by magnificent dresses with pearls and jewels to conceal financial troubles.
Ageless ­ shown by smooth white mask for eternal youth.
Success and wisdom ­ shown by serpents present, springs flowers and rainbows, and with
Spanish Armada.
What problems did she face?
Factor Things going well Problems
Government Mary increase Crown's income War with France left debts of
Mary strengthened army
Was not enough money for full
time army
Economy Very good harvest in 1558 Many labourers losing jobs as
keeping sheep not crops
Thousands of spinners and
weavers out of work so woollen
cloth industry collapsed.
Prices rising as farmers faced
higher rent and wages were
losing value.
Cultural developments Developments of new styles of
art, music, architecture.
Printing press invented
New schools, universities and
colleges ­ even better
education than before.
Relationships with other England was weak compared
countries with France and Spain
Elizabeth was Protestant which
could lead to problems with
France and England at war as
Mary married to heir of French

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Mary declared she was rightful
heir so Catholics supported her
Society Poverty and unemployment
growing in lower classes.
Religion Had already experienced 3
religion changes in 20 years.
Thought religious difference
was leading to civil war.
Extreme Protestants who fled
during Mary's reign were
returning.…read more

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How she gained support
Good publicity from impressive coronation
Her progresses allowed people to see her and felt privileged that she was `mingling' with her peers
(and saved her money) and concentrated more in south east as cloest and needed them happy and
as allies.
Why were they scared about Poverty?
Scaremongering ­ the vagabonds travelling were large although were exaggerated who they
thought were plotting and committing crimes so were hard to control consequently felt threatened.…read more

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Vagabond ­ a wandering beggar that resorted to crime and were severely punished
Sturdy beggar ­ able to work but choose to beg.
Counterfeit cranks dressed in old clothes and sucked on soap and had fake fits to show they had
Anglers begged during the day but at night used a hook on end of stick to steal clothes off the high
Clapper dudgeons pretended to be injured by soaking clothes and used arsenic to make skin bleed.…read more

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Ipswich Each parish informed bailiffs Beggars had permit badge
about the poor
Hospitals set up for poor
Norwich Count the poor and review alms Whipped 6 times
Idle women and children go to Officer patrols and arrests
learn letters or to work with vagabonds
other women
£2 7s 3d paid to the ill
How the government dealt with poverty
Act of 1572
Beggars were whipped and bored through ear, executed if caught 3 times
JPs and town officials to count up and locals must pay…read more


Miss E

Overviews are great and this one contains handy tables for easy revision.

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