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English Coursework: The Merchant of Venice
The two settings of Belmont and Venice seem worlds apart. Is
this true?

The Merchant of Venice is a play which uses themes and the contrast between these
themes to great effect. Situated across two main settings, it first appears…

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unlikely that an audience would think less of Bassanio for rating Portia's wealth above
her virtues, especially when Shylock does something similar in relation to Jessica, and
she is clearly being made to appear victimised. When Jessica goes missing it appears
that Shylock is more concerned…

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there is an incredible abundance of money, it seems that Portia's father was trying to
show that the biggest commodity in Belmont is Portia herself, rather than the riches
she possesses. This is why Morocco makes the wrong choice of casket, as it is his

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`Antonio, I am married to a wife
Which is as dear to me as life itself;
But life itself, my wife, and all the world,
Are not with me esteem'd above thy life.
I would lose all, ay, sacrifice them all
Here to this devil, to…

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pound of flesh, which Shylock is clearly intending to receive; something a real friend
would never intend. However, it is not so much that relationships between Jew and
Christian simply cannot form, but more that they cannot exist in Venice. We see
Jessica's and Lorenzo's relationships…

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port, and the debt was not repaid in time, Shylock is desperate for his bond to be
realised. But perhaps it is due to Antonio's mistreatment of Shylock following the
sealing of the bond that causes Shylock to be so keen to enforce the forfeit. When…

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free from Belmont aside from the caskets. Although the action is not actually carried
out in Belmont itself, it is here that Nerissa and Portia plan their elaborate scheme to
allow Antonio to be free of the forfeit of the bond. Following this, they travel to…

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` What ring gave you, my lord?
Not that, I hope, which you receiv'd of me?'
It is difficult to say exactly what Portia and Nerissa gain from this bestial test, but
regardless of this it does show Venice and Belmont to have some quite strong…


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