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Physical properties

The five most used metals in order of use are iron, aluminium, copper, zinc, and manganese.
Hard and strong
Solids (except mercury)
Shiny (when polished)
Good conductors of heat
Good conductors of electricity
Malleable and ductile

These properties make metals suitable for…

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Chemical properties of metals

Metals are usually recognized by their physical properties. However, most metals have similar chemical
properties as well. The most important chemical reactions of metals are with oxygen, water and acids,
which are common substances found in nature. Although the chemical properties of metals are similar,

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Only a few metals, life gold and platinum, are unaffected by heating in air. These very unreactive metals
do not form compounds easily with any other element. Gold and platinum are ideal for making into
jewellery because they don't react with oxygen so stay shiny.

Metals and Water

Most materials…


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