Come On, Come Back Revision Notes

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Come on, Come back Revision Notes
Conflict is a never ending horror
Eternal barrier to happiness
War with no memory of situation
Loose ballad
Written in free verse
Stanza = part of the story
Ambiguous ideas throughout the poem
War = memories are lost and confusion occurs
Stevie Smith suggests that war has many meanings
Links to past:
Battle of Austerlitz ­ Napoleonic wars in the beginning of the 19th century
Potsdam Conference in 1945
`Come on, come back' is a popular war song and is a reflection of that time ­ builds more moral and
reminds soldiers of home. This is a contrast to what is happening because her memory is lost.
The imagery reveals to the reader the reality of what happens in war
Is society trying to forget about war?
Ambiguous and imagery draws more ideas and understanding for war
Repeats the idea of war being repeated over and over again; emphasises the effect on the people
who serve in the wars
Song repetition reminds of all the people who have been lost by war
Key words = creates atmosphere
Surreal language:
Emphasises confusion and imagery

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Line lengths have no pattern
Conservational dreaming
Rhyming is random and is unexpected ­ explains the unpredictability of war: makes the reader
Events are told in chronological order
The last three lines give a circular effect of the events of war
Each stanza ends in a full stop and tells a clear part of the story ­ but a lack of punctuation within the
stanzas means the meaning is sometimes unclear. This gives the poem the feeling of a dream.…read more

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Stevie Smith therefore draws on the idea of great nations making decisions that affect the lives of
ordinary people in towns and villages across the world."
Attitudes, themes and ideas
"The meaning of this poem is difficult to understand.…read more


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