Coastal Management - Happisburgh

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  • Happisburgh - Coastal Management
    • soft cliffs continue to be eroded away and put businesses and homes at risk
    • 2001
      • Central government agency responsible for approving and funding major defence schemes
        • Building of rock groynes
          • encourage accumulation of sediment & create a wider beach
            • This newly created beach - absorb wave energy during storm conditions
    • 2002
      • Emergency measure - North norfolk district council funded provision of 4000 tonnes of boulders in order to create a rock bund at the base of the cliff
        • slow down rate of erosion until a permanent solution could be found
    • Shoreline management plan in 2006
      • No active intervention and coast should be allowed to retreat
      • Wouldn't be appropriate to defend happisburg due to impact on shoreline as a whole
        • coastal retreat either side would result in development of this area  - impact on sediment transport to downdrift areas.
      • loss of residence - not sufficient to economically building new defences
    • 2007
      • temp. rock bund was extended, aided by £50,000 from local appeal


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