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San Fransisco earthquake- Drought Triggers Wildfires- Fog and Smog is a mega-city
1906, killed 78 people. 2,500 communities are at wide hazard.
risk from wildfires.
Subsequent fires destroyed In summer months, elderly
the city. 2007 wildfires killed 22 and asthmatic people are
people. advised not to drive.
Population: Location: Preparedness Kit:
40 Million Located on the San Andreas
Fault Line- Conservative 1 gallon of water (p.p, per
High Income Country. Plate Boundary. The two day), canned food, hygiene
plates slide past each other items, eating utensils, first id
at different speeds. kit, spare change, fire
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Wildfire Protection:
Luzon Earthquake: 1990 2,000 people/ km squared
Remove all flammable
vegetation from 100ft around (Manila)
buildings. 1,500 killed
Trim trees 6ft off of the ground. $844,486 damage 240 people/ km squared
Cut weeds to shorter than 6 (Whole Country)
CALFIRE- reduces risk
2-3 5.5+ magnitude Population:
earthquakes per year. 91 million
Chance of an earthquake of Low income country
7.0+ by 2025
The Philippines
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Population Pressure-
Catholic Country large Rural-Urban Migration
families .
23% live in low income, self 49% of families are below
Agriculture for income- built slums the poverty line
2012- All Banana crops
destroyed by Typhoon (3rd Manila- 1.7 million live in
largest exporter in the world)
415 slum areas.
Mount Pinatubo Eruption: Typhoon Megi: 2010
1991 Leyte Landslide 2006
10 people killed
500,000 evacuated Rained heavily for 10 days.
10,000 people left their
200 mm of rain fell
Buildings collapsed (poor Killed hundreds of people
Category 5 storm
Infrastructure) 10% of rice crops damaged
Land destroyed- falling ash
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34% of 15-24 year olds are
0.5 degrees warmer than it illiterate, a majority of the In the North, he demand for
was in 1900 Kenya is 3 population will therefore water outstrips the supply by
degrees warmer (since 1895) find it hard coping with 25%.
climate change and moving
60% of the population in the
west live on the coast Rains are localised. The rains 34 of the poorest countries
including Lagos & Freetown. If that ended East Africa's in the world are in Africa.
coastal erosion continues
drought in 2005-6 were not Many of their countries are
larger areas of these cities
widespread, and many areas in debt, they can't afford to
would be lost pushing people
into shanty towns and had little rainfall. imort or develop GM crops
destroying infrastructure. to cope with the change in
climate for their years.
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Kenya is dependant on exports Lies within the Arctic Circle
e.g.. Flowers and greens beans
(66.5 degrees line of
are the main export crops.
Drought has caused severe
problems in the last 3 years,
consequently Kenya has North of 8 countries:
struggled to feed its people and Canada, Greenland, Russia,
have become dependant on USA (Alaska) Iceland and
food aid. Norway.
Positive Ice Albedo Feedback:
Diguets, Zai Farming and
Multi-Cropping are forms of Up until recently 80% of solar
adaptation. radiation was reflected from the
polar ice caps.
Multi Cropping in Zambia
allows the 177 HIV positive Up to a 7-8 degrees change in
to gain work temperature because of the
feedback mechanism.
The Arctic
Africa…read more

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80% of Inuit's still hunt
Caribou, fish and marine
Thawing of Permafrost- up mammals- all of which are
to 40% of total permafrost is declining in numbers. As 24 Inuit villages in Alaska are
expected to thaw, especially marine stocks decline, the now threatened by flooding.
in Siberia. Inuit's rely more on hunting
Caribou for income.
70% of paid employment
comes from hunting Caribou.
Negative Multiplier Effect: Researchers have found that
Bearded Seals birth rate is The reduction in smaller fish CO2 emissions have stayed
decreasing as there is less species has affected those the same since 1981, even
suitable Ice for young pups. higher up the food chain, through CO2 emissions have
Polar Bears are therefore such as Cod and Halibut, risen by 40% Loosing
struggling to find food. which affect larger marine Freshwater
The Arctic…read more

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