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LANDFORMS…read more

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LANDFORMS Characteristics:
OF EROSION: · Not smooth, instead have ridges and
WAVE CUT grooves.
PLATFORMS · The are a flat area with a gentle slope no
more than 5°.
· Found at the base of a cliff extending out
to the seas at a maximum size of about
· As the platforms get bigger it breaks the
wave and so loses energy before reaching
the cliff base.
· They are found between high and low
tide.…read more

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WAVE CUT Formation:
PLATFORMS 1. Weathering weakens the top of the cliff.
2. The sea attacks the base of the cliff at
high tide. A wave cut notch is formed by
abrasion, wave pounding and hydraulic
3. This creates an overhang.
4. The notch increases in size, creating a
bigger overhang. Eventually, the weight
of the overhanging cliff causes it to
collapse.…read more

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WAVE CUT 5. This process repeats and the cliff
PLATFORMS continues to retreat, leaving a wave cut
6. As the process continues, more and more
material is broken off the cliff face. The
material rubs against the wave cut platform
by abrasion, leaving deep grooves behind.…read more

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Some erosional landforms are created where
wave action attacks weak points (e.g joints
in rocks, vertical, and bedding planes,
horizontal) between bands of rock. These
form in headlands.
Characteristics of a Geo:
· A small feature found at the base of a
· Usually a vertical crack in the cliff face
Formation of a Geo:
· The sea erodes at a weakness in the cliff
face through abrasion, hydraulic action
and wave pounding.
· This creates a large crack.…read more

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Characteristics of a Cave:
ARCHES, · Bigger feature than a Geo.
STACKS AND · A large indent in the rock, where is has
STUMPS continued to be eroded back into the cliff
· It is usually a curved shape with it's
height and width proportional to one
· If the Geo is continuously eroded, the
inlet will continue to extend into the cliff.
· In this way, the cliff is undercut, by
hydraulic action, abrasion and wave
pounding…read more

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