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Recent Education
Coalition Government
2010 onwards
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The Academies Act 2010
­ Allows all existing state schools to become academy
schools. Academies benefit from greater freedoms to
innovate and raise standards. These include:
· freedom from local authority control;
· the ability to set their own pay and conditions for staff;
· freedoms around the delivery of the curriculum; and
· the ability to change the lengths of terms and school days.
­ Allows parents, teachers, charities and businesses
to set up their own schools. They are funded by the
government, free to attend and non-selective, but not
controlled by local authorities ­ hence the term
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Reform of the exam system
­ scrapped modules at GCSE
­ want exam boards to work with universities to
develop new A Levels.
­ scrapped January exams
­ want all AS and A Level exams to be taken at
the end of 2 years ­ so no modules
­ restrictions on the number of resits allowed.
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Increasing equality of opportunity
­ introduction of the Pupil Premium, where
schools get money to support disadvantaged
­ currently £619 per qualifying pupil.
­ introduction of summer schools for
disadvantaged children to help them in the
transition to secondary school.
­ abolished EMA straight away in 2010.
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Vocational Education
The introduction of
­ University Technical Schools to give
technical education to 14-19 year olds.
Sponsored by a local university and local
employers. So far, there are 5 of these.
­ Studio Schools ­ providing practical
education, including work experience. There
are 16 of these so far.
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Evaluation of Coalition
Government Policies
·Heavily criticised by Labour, teachers and
teachers' unions.
·Gove wants to take A Levels back to how
they were before 2000 ­ which is when
results for working class students were
poorer and far fewer went to university.
·Policies are therefore increasing the social
class education divide.
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