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The Classical period 1750 1820

What is classical music?
From 1750, artists, musicians, and architects wanted to get away from the opulence of the Baroque
period and move to emulate the clean, organized style of Classical Greece. This period is called
"classical" because of that desire to recreate the works…

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B, Recapitulation A.

The symphony form: A piece of music for large orchestra- usually 25-40 minutes long. Usually
contains four movements which contrast each other. In a four movement symphony the order
usually is;
Opening theme- 1st movement (sonata form), slower 2nd movement, 3rd movement usually a dance
3/4 time,…

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Drone and Sequencing: A drone is usually used as a melodic device, shown below often used in classical

Alberti bass: Alberti Bass is a kind of bass line that was developed in the Classical Music period and also
used in the Romantic period.
It was named after Domenico Albert…


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