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USA ­ A Divided Union? CIVIL RIGHTS

What brought about the growth of the civil rights movements in the 1950s and 1960s?


Black Americans were theoretically freed in 1865 after the 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the abolition
of slavery. However, racism was particularly prevalent in the Southern…

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USA ­ A Divided Union? CIVIL RIGHTS

up the MIA (Montgomery Improvement Association) led by Martin Luther King, and they boycotted the
buses, organising private transport for people and as the buses relied on their black customers, after a
year of boycotts and civil rights lawyers fighting Rosa Park's case…

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USA ­ A Divided Union? CIVIL RIGHTS

Democrats and asked MLK to call off the Washington march. King refused and gave the iconic `I have a
dream speech' on 28 August 1963, earning him the Nobel Peace Prize in December 1964.
After Kennedy's tragic assassination there was a great wave…

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USA ­ A Divided Union? CIVIL RIGHTS

The Black Panthers were a radical political party and small private army founded in California in 1966 and
demanded better housing, full employment and adequate education. They wore uniforms and had weapons but
disbanded in 1982 after 27 panthers were killed and 700…


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