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Prelude in D Flat major Op.28
Frederic Chopin
1839…read more

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Features of Romanticism
Freedom of form.
Chromatic harmonies and discords
Extreme dynamics and pitch
Big orchestras
Sustaining Pedal
Emotional Programme music (music that
tells a story)
Virtuoso Performer
Expresses great emotion…read more

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Structure- Ternary Form
Section A Section B Section A'- shortened
(plus codetta)
·D flat Major ·C# Minor ·D flat Major
(Brief modulations to dom. and (enharmonic minor)
relative minor)
·Light and Dreamlike ·Dramatic and Dark ·2 monophonic bars at
start of codetta
·left hand A flat Pedal Note ·Pedal Note ·Ends pp with a perfect
(dom) ·Melody in the bass line cadence
·cantabile right hand melody (crotchets)
·Long Chordal Section
·dotted rhythms, gentle ·Sotto Voce
syncopation, occasional ·based upon four and
chromaticism & ornamentation. eight-bar phrases, some of
·Four-bar phrasing which are repeated
·Mid Range of piano ·Greater range of
·Ends Imperfect Cadence dynamics…read more

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Tonality and Harmony
Db Major Enharmonic
Minor C#
Minor…read more

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Instrumentation- Piano
Chopin uses only the middle range of the
piano in the A sections but exploits the
bass register in section B.
Cantabile Tone
Wide Dynamic Range
Sustain Pedal.
Start of section B- sotto voce (dampener)
Expressive…read more

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Metre, Rhythm and Tempo
time signature of 4/4 (C refers to common
septuplet in the final bar where 7 semi-
quavers are played in the time of 4 (the
septuplet is preceded by a grace note ­ a
single note ornament)
Rubato…read more


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