child bearing

child bearing

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Childbearing/ Child Rearing Notes
Reasons for Trends in Childbearing
Fall in the infant mortality rate,
greater availability of reliable and safe contraception,
later marriage,
high cost of raising children,
increase in the number of women in HE and more/ better
employment prospects for women;
changes in women's perception of their role,
decline in stigma in cohabitation, births outside marriage and being
a lone parent (unmarried) ­ most are to cohabiting couples, not the
stereotype of young single mums living alone,
improved healthcare has made it possible and more safe for women
to have children later in their lives but also,
women are leaving it too late and then finding they cant conceive,
environmental pollution
Childrearing Trends
Types of lone parent families: divorce, choice, forced due to abuse,
death of spouse (most popular in the past)
Beanpole Families
Financially able,
want to limit fathers involvement,
teenage pregnancy,
death of spouse,
don't need a man due to feminist achievements.
May not even be lone but in constant contact with spouse/
support from extended families or living with parents ­ careful
of using single parent families.

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The New Right Perspective
Growth of lone parents are due to an overgenerous welfare state
offering perverse incentives for unmarried mothers
Welfare state creates a `dependency culture' in which people
assume state will support them
Never married mothers more likely to be unskilled/ under qualified
­ earning power too low to pay for childcare; part of the underclass
1. Only because of housing policies and economic necessities ­ not
through choice.…read more


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