Character Revelation for A Woman Of No Importance- Act 1

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Act 1- Characters
Name Quotation Character Revelation
Lady Caroline John, the grass is too damp
for you. You had better go
and put on your overshoes
at once.
Lady Hunstanton Poor Lord Belton dies three
days afterwards of joy, or
gout. I forgot which.
Mrs. Allonby The one advantage of playing
with fire, Lady Caroline, is
that one never gets even
singed. It is the people who
don't know how to play with
it who get burned up.
Mr. Kelvil I find that the poorer classes
of this country display a
marked desire for a higher
ethical standard.
Lord Illingworth It is perfectly monstrous the
way people go about
nowadays, saying things
against one behind one's
back that are absolutely and
entirely true.
Hester Mr. Arbuthnot has a
beautiful nature! He is so
simple, so sincere. He has
one of the most beautiful
natures I have ever come
across. It is a privilege to
meet him,
Gerald Lord Illingworth, everyone
has been congratulating me,
lady Hunstanton and Lady
Caroline, and...everyone. I
hope I shall make a good
Lady Stutfield It must be terrible, terribly
distressing to be in debt.


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