CGPwned: Your Cambridge IGCSE Economics Notes!'s economics! Economics is a hard subject - even I kinda **** at it. Anyways, this revision guide is based on two CIE textbooks. So yeah.

It contains the following:

  • Material from the 2012 syllabus
  • Covers units 4.1 - 4.8 (basically the whole course), including things such as inflation, unemployment, development, economic indicators, GDP, factors of production - you name it!
  • Detailed explanations and awesome diagrams
  • And lots more!

Update #1: A crazyass improvement in terms of definitions and stuff thanks to doing hordes of pastpapers recently - I basically cut out some unnecessary things and copied and pasted cambridge answers to some of the definitions and advantages/disadvantages. 'Cause textbook answers are pretty useless if they aren't like the mark scheme's. lol.

Lets hope this gets you your A*/As - And hopefully mine too!

Good luck in May/June for y'all!


When economics and CGP books get pwned...

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