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EXAMINER TIPS for IGCSE Economics 0455

These tips are designed to help you do as well as you possibly can in the examination. Many of
the tips relate to the November 2006 examination papers.

General Advice

· It is important that you look very closely at the `command' or `directive'…

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Paper 2 and Paper 4 Tips

· Where the `command' or `directive' word is state, you do not need to go into a great deal of
detail. For example, in Question 1 (a) in November 2006, you simply need to state the four
ways in which multi-national companies can help…

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only) asked candidates to distinguish between direct and indirect taxes and between
progressive and regressive taxes and they were explicitly required to do this `with the use
of examples'. If you didn't include any examples of these different types of taxes, you would
not have gained as many marks as…

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Paper 6 Tips

· Paper 6 is the Alternative to Coursework examination paper and you should keep this in
mind as a number of the questions relate to the collection of information and to the
usefulness of the information obtained.
· Unlike Papers 2 and 4, where there is only…


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