Cell Specialisation, Tissues and Organs, Practical Work and Tissue Culture.

Hello everyone, I have my GCSE Biology papers in May and June 2016 so this is my daily revision from my DG Mackean book. If you find anything incorrect just message me and I'll change it. Thank you very much everyone! 

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Science Revision
D.G. Mackean Pages 6-10
Christopher Caden…read more

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Cell Specialisation
After a cell divides it has the potential to become specialised. This
means that the cell will take on one particular job, a distinctive
shape will be formed and new and special kinds of chemical
reactions can now take place in the cytoplasm. The new shape and
ability to allow new chemical reactions happen means that the cell
can take on a specific, specialised role.…read more

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Specialised Cells…read more

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Ciliated Cells (Found more in animals)
· Forms the lining of the nose and
· Tiny cytoplasmic hairs are celled cilia.
· The cilia constantly flick in a wave like
· This motion will carry mucus to the
nose away from the lungs.
· The mucus will trap and hold bacteria
and dust in it.…read more

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Nerve Cells (Found only in animals)
· Conducts electrical impulses.
· "Wired" all around the body and they
lead to the brain.
· Some are very long and groups connect
body parts like the foot to the spinal
· Chemical reactions allow electrical
impulses to travel through the nerve
· When you tap your knee or arm the nerve
cells notice this and sends messages to
the brain.…read more

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Root Hair Cells (Found only in plants)
· Absorbs water and minerals from the soil.
· The finger like projection increases the
surface area and the rate of absorption.
· The cell membrane controls what
substances enter and do not enter the cell.
· In the thousands a massive surface area is
created and they form the outside layer of
roots.…read more

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