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Religious Studies
Form 4

Unit 3
The Christian Church

Architecture &
The Church in Society

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In the West it is celebrated on December 25th.
It is about God sending his Son into the world.
This is called the Incarnation.
When is Advent?
4 weeks long and marks the beginning of the Christian year
Always 4 Sundays before Christmas ­ usually end of November/start…

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Baptism in the church today

Infant Baptism Believers Baptism
Babies and young children Adults/ mature teens
Methodist, Presbyterian, Church Baptist & Brethren
of Ireland & Roman Catholic
Water sprinkled on head Submerged in water
Parent's faith is important The individual's faith is important
Shows that parents will ensure a Shows…

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To welcome the child into the church and show that the parents promise to bring them
up as a Christian. It is to show that their sins are forgiven, and they are part of the
church family, and a child of God.

What is the role of the godparents?


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tradition is that one of the child's names should be that of a saint. The parents and
godparents are then asked questions to determine the depth of their religious
faith. One of the godparents must be an active, fully initiated Roman Catholic.

2. AT THE AMBO (Reading desk) ­ Here…

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was the last chance for people to enjoy themselves before Lent. Therefore, the British
and Irish made pancakes to do this.

What is the first day of Lent called and what happens in some churches on this

Ash Wednesday = people are `signed with ashes' marking Ashes in the…

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MEANING: The bread and wine are symbols of the body and blood of Christ. Taking
part in the Breaking of Bread service helps them to remember Jesus and his death on
the Cross

The Roman Catholic Mass
LECTIONARY: The book containing the order of service

HOMILY: A short sermon (the…

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prayers of intercession where the people pray for the world, the church and the needy in
the community.

4. THE OFFERTORY ­ People bring up the bread, wine and money offerings, and present
them to the priest. He places the plate with the bread and the chalice with
the wine…

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The word `Maundy' comes from the Latin `mandatum' which means order or
command. This is because Jesus commanded his disciples to `love one another'
on this day.

It celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples and
Christians believe that it is the beginning of the Christian Church.…

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Methodist and Presbyterian
Prayer is extemporaneous ­ not written down in advance
Orderly and respectful, but opportunity for variety


Don't have a special person leading the service
Structure is decided by Holy Spirit, not priest or minister

Pentecostal/ Charismatic:

Lively and enthusiastic
Believe worship should be joyful, not…


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