Causes Of Disease - Exam Style Questions

For those who don't have the AQA Biology AS text book then these are the exam style questions provided in the book. The annoying thing is there isn't a mark scheme but I'm sure if you ask a teacher then they can give you what they think would be the right answer :P

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Examination-style questions
1 (a) What term is used to describe organisms which cause disease? (1 mark)
(b) Name two types of organism which cause disease. (2 marks)
(c) Disease-causing microorganisms gain entry into the body via one of its interfaces
with the environment. Figure 1 shows two of these interfaces. Copy and complete
the diagram with two other examples of interfaces through which microorganisms
may gain entry into the body. (2 marks)
Reproductive and
urinary system
Figure 1
(d) Describe two ways in which the activity of microorganisms can give rise to disease
(2 marks)
2 Lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and coronary heart disease (CHD) are associated with
smoking. Tables 1 and 2 give the total numbers of deaths from these diseases in the UK in 1974.
Table 1 Men
Age/years Number of deaths (in thousands)
Lung cancer Chronic bronchitis Coronary heart disease
35­64 11.5 4.2 31.7
65­74 12.6 8.5 33.3
75+ 5.8 8.1 29.1
Total (35­75+) 29.9 20.8 94.1
Table 2 Women
Age/years Number of deaths (in thousands)
Lung cancer Chronic bronchitis Coronary heart disease
35­64 3.2 1.3 8.4
65­74 2.6 1.9 18.2
75+ 1.8 3.5 42.3
Total (35­75+) 7.6 6.7 68.9
(a) (i) Using an example from the tables, explain why it is useful to give data for
men and women separately.
(ii) Data like these are often given as percentages of people dying from each
cause. Explain the advantage of giving these data as percentages. (4 marks)
(b) Give two factors, other than smoking, which increase the risk of coronary heart
disease. (2 marks)
AQA, 2004

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AQA Examination-style questions
3 The graph in Figure 2 gives information about the effects of cigarette smoking, plasma
cholesterol concentrations and high blood pressure on the incidence of heart disease
in American men.…read more

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Figure 3 and Figure 4 show information from one study of lung cancer and lung
diseases in adults of all ages in the UK.…read more

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AQA Examination-style questions
Figure 5
(i) Use Figure 5 to give the characteristics of women with the highest risk of
developing coronary heart disease.
(ii) Figure 5 only has limited value in predicting whether a particular woman might
develop coronary heart disease. Explain why. (5 marks)
(b) In an investigation, volunteers changed 5% of their energy intake from one food
source to another. Their total energy intake remained constant. The effect of this
change on their risk of developing coronary heart disease was measured.…read more


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