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G153 Revision

Must know:

be able to understand the ideas of factual and legal causation,
know about the different ways in which the chain may be broken,
have studied a series of relevant cases,
understand the problems with this area of law,
be able to apply the law to…

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and the manslaughter of the girl. He appealed against the manslaughter conviction on the
issue of causation. Held: Conviction upheld. The firing at the police officers caused them to fire
back. In firing back the police officers were acting in self -defence. His using the girl as a shield

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Blaue 1975: The defendant stabbed an 18 year old girl four times when she refused to have
sexual intercourse with him. She was a practising Jehovah's witness and refused to have a
blood transfusion which would have saved her life. The defendant was convicted of
manslaughter on the grounds of…

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fired first. `But for' his actions the V would never have been in that situation and therefore
would not have died.)
Some people may argue that that the person who starts the events off should always be fully
responsible for the consequence because (if they didn't do it then the…


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