Cattle Ranching (continued)

This document is the follow on set of notes from the first Cattle Ranching document i uploaded.

It contains clear points on Charles Goodnight, who the Cowboys were, how the Cowboys lived similar to the Indians and also hardships they had to face.

I have only listed the significant points that you will need to learn for your exam, in a clear way which i personally find easy to revise from, so you might as well.

The points i have made can be found in more detail on bbc bitesize, although you will just need to learn what is listed.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me :)

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Charles Goodnight
· original texas rancher ­ started in 1856
· first to recognise + exploit market for beef
· pioneered 'long drive' (GoodnightLoving Trail)
· helped developed cowboys skills on long drives
· invented crazy quilt
· breeded heavier cattle
· helped form Panhandle Stock Association which drove out rustlers
Who were the Cowboys?
· Many real cowboys were black exslaves
· highly skilled
· winter ­ hung around camp, lived in 'line camps', take daily rides to
stop cattle drifting onto open plain
· spring ­ went bogriding to haul out mired cows, went on roundup
· summer ­ went on trail drives to market
Lived in similar ways to indians
· entirely dependant on natural products
· moved around ­ herding cattle
· cared for cattle
· round up was a collective (like buffalo hunt)
· long range signals ­ hat waving
Had to endure numerous hardships
· freezing in line camps
· danger of being trampled (stampedes)
· danger of drowning (crossing rivers)
· rain, hail + burning sun on the long drive
· staying awake all night on guard duty
· dust from herd on long drive
· attacks from native american warriors + rustlers
· trail boss ­ in charge of the drive
· chuck wagon ­ acts as the cook
· point ­ keeps lookout and turns the herd
· swing ­ watches the flanks of the herd
· drag ­ chases up stragglers
· wrangler ­ looks after horses


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