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Casehistory: Alison (head injury)
U.A. Fanthorpe
1929-2009…read more

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Casehistory: Alison (head injury)
(She looks at her photograph)
Herself ­ what she once
I would like to have known
My husband's wife, my mother's only daughter
A bright girl she was. That person is gone ­
what is left is this
Enmeshed in comforting
Fat, I wonder at her delicate angles.
Her autocratic knee Highlights how
beautiful and elegant
Now feels overweight, this woman once was
different body…read more

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Memory is a mental replaying of
Emphasis on hardly shows drastic past events ­ without memory your
change past is lost.
Like a Degas dancer's
Adjusts to the observer with airy poise,
That now lugs me upstairs.
Her face revealed nothing other
Hardly, her face broken than a smile ­ contrast to now?
By nothing sharper than smiles
In the smile ­ knowledge of her
What I have forgotten. life up to that point ­ now cannot
remember any of her past
She knows my father's dead
And grieves for it, and smiles. She has digested
Mourning. Her smile shows it.
She came to terms with the death
and moved on.…read more

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Person in the picture experienced it, but
she cannot grieve because she does not
I, who need reminding remember.
Every morning, shall never get over what
I do not remember. Feels so disconnected
with the person in the
Consistency matters.
I should like to keep faith with her lack of faith
But forget her reasons. Cannot remember why she held
opinions or beliefs
Proud of this younger self,
I assert her achievements, her A levels
Her job with a future.
Younger self achieved so much- but this is worthless to her now;
she cannot remember or use the skills…read more

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This is what is going to happen to her
­ the terrible knowledge of the fate of
that smiling girl
Poor clever girl! I know
For all my damaged brain, something she doesn't:
I am her future.
Link to future in previous stanza
A bright girl she was.
Same phrase used in 1st stanza…read more


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