Character And Voice Checklist

I made it to use as a checklist so i knew what i had annotated, what i had revised for my mock, and what i am going to for my exam!

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First 108 words of the document:

Name Poet Page Annotated Mock Exam
Revised Revised
The Clown Punk Simon Armitage 4
Checking Out Me John Agard 5
Horse Whisperer Andrew Forster 7
Medusa Carol Ann Duffy 8
Singh Song! Daljit Negra 9
Brendon Gallacher Jackie Kay 11
Give Simon Armitage 12
Les Grands Seignuers Dorothy Molloy 13
Ozymandias Percy Bysshe 14
My Last Duchess Robert Browning 15
The River God Stevie Smith 17
The Hunchback In The Dylan Thomas 18
The Ruined Maid Thomas Hardy 19
Casehistory: Alison U. A. Fanthorpe 20
(head injury)
On A Portrait Of A John Betjeman 21
Deaf Man


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