Comparing Poems

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  • The Clown Punk > (compares with) > Casehistory: Alison (head injury)

   -They can be compared because they're both about memory. In 'The Clown Punk' the memory of the clown is more vivid than in 'Casehistory...' .

Quotes for evidence:

TCP: "remember the clown punk with his dyed brain, then picture windscreen wipers, and let it rain."   

  ~ "dyed" is an euphemism of 'died'. Its a comforting way of talking about death.

 ~ the windscreen wipers represent a fading memory, as if the wipers can smudge the memory of the clown punk. 

C:A (hj) : "I, who need reminding Every morning, shall never get over what I do not remember."

~ "I" is in first person pronoun which shows that the


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