Case study for national flooding UK storms winter 2013 2014

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Earth hazards revision
Case study for national flooding: UK winter storms 2013/14
Huge low pressure systems in Atlantic causing intense rain and stormy seas.
These were repeatedly hitting the UK as the jet stream had moved further
south directing low pressure systems towards the UK
Spring tides intensified damage on coasts, some tides were 8.2m in height
Storm surge caused by low pressure system over North sea which funnelled
waves and high tides down east coast.
$15billion total damage of storms which accounts for almost 1% of UK's
Cornwall alone has economic damage of £22million
Somerset levels total economic damage is currently £10million although this
is expected to rise
Somerset levels severely flooded for months with many towns almost
completely abandoned as residents has to evacuate
Agricultural land flooded leaving rotten crops and hence rising food prices
Many villages in Somerset completely cut off due to impassable roads
The duration of the flooding in Somerset sparked protests over dredging
the rivers
Coastal flooding huge danger- several fatalities occurred along with damage
to property and transport- main line through Dawlish destroyed cutting
Cornwall off from the rest of the railway networks.
Hemsby lost several homes that fell into the sea overnight due to huge
erosion of vulnerable sand dunes because of the storm surge.
Highest tides of 17 years
80mph+ gusts
Mainly harbour villages effected as they are located near deeper water
Thousands of homes left without power
Transport link severely effected due to flood damage, signalling issues
caused by lightning strikes.
Flood warnings issued by environment agency-30 severe flood warnings in
early January along with 230 flood warnings
Operation Cobra activated which is the UK's disaster planning committee
which dealt with planning, prevention and improving flood defences and

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Earth hazards revision
Thames barrier closed 10 times in January; it is usually closed for 10 times
in the whole year
Somerset levels have received extra attention with a flood prevention plan
and funding which includes a range of measures such as hard/soft
engineering, land use management planning as well as raising several main
roads by 2m. Residents are starting to return home to repair damage.…read more


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