Case Study- Haiti Earthquake 2010

Here is a case sudy of Haiti's earthquake. Includes: background info, location, impacts, management and responses:)

Hope its helpful!

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Economic Environmental Social
Toussaint L'Ouverture International 6 months after, 98% of the rubble remained 3,500,000 people were affected
Airport was disabled after control tower uncleared, some still blocking vital access
damage. PortauPrince seaport disabled roads. Thousands of buildings suddenly
become debris and this overwhelms the
capacity of waste management,"
The port, other major roads and Contamination of natural water sources 220,000 people estimated to have d
communications link were damaged causes life threatening poisoning and cholera.
beyond repair and needed replacing.. It is
estimated the 1 in 5 jobs were lost as a
result of the quake
Clothing industry had facilities damaged, Haiti's small agricultural industry will be Over 188,383 houses were badly da
damaging the economy as 66% of Haiti's affected due to the displacement of and 105,000 were destroyed, 1.5m
exports are clothes nutrientrich topsoil, this will harm the homeless over 600,000 people left t
industry and the populations access to home area in Port au Prince.
healthy locally grown produce.
The earthquake caused an estimated $10 4,000 schools were damaged or des
billion worth of damage, more than Haiti's
annual GDP

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