Earthquake case study: Haiti 2010

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Global issues earth hazards revision
Earthquake case study: Haiti earthquake, 2010
Back ground and causes
7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti's capital of Port Au Prince. The focus was 8.1
miles underground, making it a shallow earthquake. Haiti is on a conservative plate
boundary between the Caribbean and North American plates.
316,000 killed, 300,000 injured, 1 million made homeless, 3 million effected
in total
250,000 homes destroyed, 60% of government buildings destroyed
Communication such as land lines and internet failed
50 hospitals damaged- Port Au Prince only had 8 hospitals before
earthquake and all these were badly damaged.
Prison damaged- 4000 inmates escaped
Collapsed buildings made emergency rescue difficult
Clothing factories destroyed- damaging economy as 60% of Haiti's exports
are clothes
Bodies in streets as burial space runs out, spreading disease
Food prices rise
1yr later, cholera epidemic kills 3000 people as sewage and water facilities
have not been fixed
Poor management of situation making distribution of aif and rescue work
Short term
Confusion over who is in charge of the situation- the government or the UN
Government hand over control of airport to USA to improve efficiency of
aid reaching the country
Dominican Republic sent medical help and food trucks
NGO's such as Shelter box and the red cross sent aid
£20million sent by the UK
Iceland's search and rescue team arrive 24 hours after earthquake
Priority to provide safe drinking water and sanitation- this was eventually
supplied to 1.7 million people
Long term
Support for those who lost their jobs which covered 70% of the population
1million still without homes after 1 year

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Global issues earth hazards revision
6 months later, 98% of rubble remained un-cleared
Why so many people died
Shallow focus- seismic waves had less to travel so energy was not dissipated
as much as a deeper focused earthquake so energy reaching epicentre was
greater.…read more



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