Case study: aging population in Devon, UK

A case study for aging population in East Devon

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Aging Population in Devon- Case study
In 2005 16% of the population were over 65
Why is there an aging population?
Medical advances and Improved living
Also the life expectancy is very high.
Women = 81.9
Men= 77.2
There WAS a baby boom ( 1950's). NOW it's
a Pensioner Boom!
Birth rate is falling- meaning there are less young people.
Dependency ratio
19% + 16% x 100 = 53.8%
This means that for every 100 people working there are almost 54 people who are dependants.
× The state pensions are small (because there aren't enough workers to pay a lot of it)
× The health service and under pressure because old people need lots of health care.
× Areas that house a lot of old people (e.g. east Devon) are unattractive to younger people
who will not go to live and work there.
× The is strain on public transport because of spread out communities and some old people
can't drive
× Because the old people move away from their family they may be isolated or it may be
difficult for the family to help them.
They can look after grandchildren so the parents can save money on child care.
They often do voluntary work.
Old people contribute £215 billion to the economy.

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East Devon
The 2nd highest concentration of over 50's in England.
It has a beautiful country side and is a world heritage site.…read more


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