C6d - Hardness of Water

Brief Outline of the types of water and what their properties are.

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Hard water
There are different areas that have hard and soft water, harder water contains more
minerals such as calcium.
Hard water makes it difficult for soaps to lather. Contains lots of minerals,
Soft water lathers easily with soap. Lacking in minerals.
When soap is added to hard water, there is no lather but only white scum at the top.
When soap it added to soft water, there is lathering formed, lather is clearly visible at the
To measure how hard water is formed, you can conduct a test where soap is added until a
persistent layer of lather is formed. The harder the water, the more soap required.
Something called soap less detergents that lather well with hard and soft water.
There is something called permanent and temporary hardness.
Sub category of hard water, if the water has the mineral called gypsum, it will be permanent
hard water because no matter how much it is heated, and there will still be no lather.
BRITA has ion exchange resin to turn hard water to soft water; supposedly it `makes a


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