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Item C3c: Covalent bonding and the Structure of the Periodic Table
1. Using a periodic table, write down the names of elements that are present in the following
compounds. For each element state have many atoms are present the first one has been done
for you
H2O 2x hydrogen 1x…

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Chlorine molecule carbon dioxide molecule

6. Carbon dioxide as a gas with a low melting point.

Water as a liquid with a low melting point.

7. Carbon dioxide and water do not conduct electricity.
8. Use the periodic table to answer these questions:
a. writedown name of an element which…

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15. Draw the electronic shell structure for these atoms: Na O Ne ( you have to use the
2:8:8:2 electronic arrangement. ( The middle circle represents the nucleus, do not add electrons
on this)

16. An atom has the electronic arrangement 2:8:5 .
a. which group is this atom belongs…


lisa linsdell


Foundation level answers to questions in a separate document. Good exam practice.

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